Grow Your Business in 2018 by Executing Your SMART Marketing Goals

As the end of 2017 is nearing, most everyone is beginning their business plans for 2018. By this point, you know what the growth goals are going to be, and you've outlined your SMART Marketing goals to get you there.

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It’s Monday morning and you are ready for the monthly sales and marketing meeting. All the company leads will be there wanting to know how successful your marketing initiatives have been, and you’re beginning to feel the heat! Maybe you haven’t reached your goals, or maybe you have successfully achieved your goals, but you are not seeing positive growth as a result. Does this sound familiar (or at least similar)?

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Are You Hitting Your Marketing Goals?


If you are reading this, than chances are you at least have Marketing Goals. Yay! Give yourself a huge pat on the back because you are significantly ahead of most. Everyone knows that launching a successful marketing campaign requires setting goals, yet many of us fail to do so. Not only is it important to have goals, it’s just as critical to have the right kind of goals. That is where the SMART marketing goal formula comes into play.

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Getting SMART with setting your Marketing Goals!

Getting SMART with your Marketing Goals!

It’s time to stop the guessing game.

It’s the first Monday of the month and you’ve just taken your seat around the large conference room table in preparation for the monthly management meeting (internally shooting yourself for not leaving home in time to grab that much needed Starbucks on the way, that pesky snooze button!). You take a peek at the agenda and are excited to see that you are 5th on the list. You think to yourself, “Yes! I’ll have time to put some more thought into these goals.”.

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Your Website Should Be Your #1 Salesperson!

Your Website Should Be Your #1 Salesperson!

We know how it is, you go into work each day with big plans to make those website improvements finally happen! The day goes by with interruptions, new projects, tasks that take longer than expected, and numerous other things that get in the way. Sadly, another day has gone by and you leave the office disappointed but think, "oh well, maybe tomorrow".

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Facebook vs. LinkedIn, the B2B Social Media Marketing Champion is ...

Are you still ignoring Facebook for your B2B Social Media Marketing?

Well, if you’ve read anything in the last year on the topic, you know that Facebook has quickly become a major player and ignoring it is most definitely not an option. In fact, we will highlight facts that will probably   shock you (and most likely cause LinkedIn execs to shake a little in their boots). 

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