Posted by Braden Baldwin on Jun 25, 2017 3:30:00 PM

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Let me play out a scenario that might sound familiar to you.

It’s time to get new uniforms for your employees and you find a vendor with a GREAT price on customizable polos. $8 per stitched piece. However, you move onto the ordering process and you get hit with a set-up fee. Okay, maybe not what you were expecting but you can deal with it for now. For now, you continue on with the process only to discover that you can’t figure out how to upload your logo onto this complicated site. But eventually you are able to figure it out. Now you wait and wait, and then wait a little more for the turnaround time to complete. It takes weeks for your order to come in and the quality of the product is terrible.

When you order from a company like this, you are on their time within their own program. Wouldn’t you say that a customizable program to fit your needs is probably the best solution? We think so too.

Introducing LOGO Customized Uniform & Corporate Apparel.

We understand that long lead times, high set-up fees and complicated ordering processes can get old quick. With LOGO, we design a customized apparel program focused on your needs and goals. We take the stress off you shoulders so you can get your job done and look good doing it. Our overall mission is to make life easier for YOU.

Visit our page to LEARN MORE  about LOGO, or contact us at marketing@prograde.com.


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