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How many times have you invested in a marketing staff member, or an agency, where a beautiful marketing plan or campaign was created, but nothing was executed?

Too many times, I hear horror stories about spending thousands of dollars, with nothing to attribute to their annual revenue.

How well do they actually know your business? As a matter of fact, how well do they know your customer? Have they truly taken the time to experience the buyer's journey from the customer’s perspective?

Well, here are some simple steps to follow from this point on.

Going into your next campaign meeting, or thinking through your company marketing initiatives, follow these steps to help you plan, execute, track and measure on a regular basis so that you can finally say you’ve attributed to your annual revenue.

Simple Plan

Critical word, SIMPLE. In order to be realistic in your company expectations, no matter the size, take just a few hours of time and create a word doc, or worksheet with your initiatives. We say a few hours, because any longer than that, things get complicated, right? Allow yourself to walk away from it...writing down just the basics. Once you have the basics, write down the end-all expectation. From there, a plan can be devised and created with your team that makes sense to both you AND your customers.

Consistent Execution

Keeping tabs on a program once a month can often lead to stagnant results. Having a plan to keep the follow-up or planning consistent month to month, will help you to notice the consistent benefits contributing to revenue.

Track Effectiveness

How many times have you run a campaign, and only received the results at the end? Here’s something that can help! When tracking effectiveness to each and every piece, your pieces become more valuable, and you’re able to see, while the program is running, how effective you can be to your customers. Be able to be flexible. If something’s not working, wouldn’t you want to know before the program or initiative’s year is over?


When it comes to measurement, make sure you’re measuring the right things. Revenue is always good, but make sure if your reviewing the response rates, the click-through rates, the digital vs. traditional metrics etc. We often find, that we may not truly know our customers after a campaign that perhaps, didn’t perform as well as you had thought. This is the time to truly measure what your customers can see, and react.

The Continued Execution

Marketing is never done. Prepare for something to always be executed. Campaigns that are continued, we find, are most effective. Customer behavior is trained, and loyalty becomes stronger. Continue to execute those campaigns, whether it’s a simple survey to ask how the customers liked the campaign, or a simple email from you personally, asking for a testimonial. Keeping marketing execution continued, allows for the flexibility, and scaled up or down plans.

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