Losing Control of Your Marketing Message

Posted by Rachel Roberson on Nov 1, 2017 5:00:00 PM

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Are you in charge of building the brand identity and marketing message for your company? Are you constantly facing the challenges of brand inconsistency, at no fault of your own? If you answered yes to either of these questions than we're sure you can relate to the following story.  

A ballpoint, traditional style pen, with a fluorescent cap comes across your desk. It has your logo. You think to yourself... “Hmmm, that’s funny, I didn’t order that...the colors are all wrong, and it has the wrong logo!” This is a brand manager's’ worst nightmare! You calm yourself down thinking, it’s gotta be old….

You take the pen to your boss, and ask, “Do you happen to know where this came from?” Your boss simply replies. “The sales team ordered them last week. They needed something quick to hand out for their trade show this week.” You reply to your boss, without trying to seem concerned. “It has the wrong logo, and the colors are all wrong. Did anyone approve this?”

Knowing your boss has full approval authority, yet very little marketing brand awareness, he was probably the one who approved the purchase. You turn and go back to your desk and find yourself frustrated once again.

How can you ever gain control of your brand? When sales buy things with the wrong logo, graphics orders images without the right customer awareness, purchasing buys packaging without any logo at all, and customer service orders everything under the sun, but never tells the customer as it states on their training manual.

How many times are you going to let this happen to you….you might as well be out of a job some days, right?

Determined.. you go to the wonderful, and ever powerful world wide web.

You start researching, and come across this blog: The Power of Marketing Personalization. It introduced you to the idea of launching an internal ecom store and how it can help you with streamlining your brand.

Finally! You can have control.

But how do you create a message that meets the needs of all departments?

"A Marketing Tool Kit! It's genius!"

Now, where do you begin?

First, start by understanding each department.

  1. What do they need or prepare for meetings with customers?
  2. Do they have a physical piece, or a digital piece of literature?
  3. Are there more than one item per department?
  4. If so, what are they?

Once you’ve asked yourself these simple questions above, start to think through the marketing touch points that you may be missing! Once you’ve laid out this plan, go through a more in depth review of your findings.

  1. Are these brand pieces consistent?
  2. Can they tell a story?
  3. Can you utilize each piece for another purpose?

Now, you have a visual idea, think through how the departments go about delivering these pieces to the customers. Would a marketing kit make sense for them?

If so, packaging is a great way to really wrap everything into a pretty bow and look polished.

Now, how do you distribute that marketing kit?

An ecommerce storefront! But how do I get my boss to approve this?

Launch a Branded Marketing Portal






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