Do Promotional Products Still Work? The Research Says Yes.

Posted by Kierstin Payne on Oct 8, 2017 3:15:00 PM

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With so many ways to market your products and / or services in 2017, it's easy to forget more traditional marketing methods such as promotional products. Even if you haven't, you may be wondering if they are still effective. In short, yes they are!

According to research conducted by Promotional Products Association International for their "Mapping Out The Modern Consumer" study, promotional products were ranked highest by consumers across all generations as the most effective advertising vehicle.

The following statistics from their research truly supports the need to not forget and continue to budget for logo merchandise:

  • Nearly 90% of recipients are able to remember the brand
  • 83% said they are more likely to do business with brands they have received promotional products from
  • 81% of consumers keep promotional products for more than one year
  • Out of those that don't keep the promotional products, 80% choose to pass it along to a friend or colleague
  • Almost 80% of consumers said they have looked up a brand after receiving a promotional product
  • 87% of Millennials are more likely to take further actions upon receiving branded gifts

One of the most interesting statistic from an earlier PPAI report, stated that referral request programs that provided a promotional product incentive, drew as many as 500% more referrals than those without! While the study focused on referrals, with that high of an increase, it's logical that providing logo gear or apparel to incentivize an action will improve any of your marketing results.

In addition to these powerful facts, the selection of branded products today is greater than every before. Now is the perfect time boost your current marketing campaigns by adding merchandise that represents your brand.

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