2017 Top Technological Promo Products

Posted by Braden Baldwin on Jul 24, 2017 12:21:13 PM

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Is 2017 the year that the top technological promo products begin to remind us of the Jetsons?

Back in the days of The Jetsons, the show constantly introduced new and far out technology. However, nearly 55 years later, some of the gadgets the family of the future used have actually became a reality. Some of those gadgets include, holograms, jet packs  and smart watches.

We live in a time of some of the most cutting edge technology that has been introduced. And lucky for us the size of this technology keeps getting smaller, allowing us to integrate it into even the most basic of products.

With that, we introduce you to the top 3 technological promotional pieces of 2017, so far...

Video Brochures and Business Cards

With regular printed pieces, so much thought goes into the positioning of graphics and content. Then you get the added on stress of wondering if your clients actually understand what you were trying to tell them through that piece.

With video cards and brochures, you are able to literally tell your client what you want them to hear through a video.

Bluetooth Speakers

You want to talk about a product that will keep your name ringing in a client's ears. Customized Bluetooth speakers are a great way to achieve just that.

It is a product that a client will put on their desk and listen to day in and day out.

Virtual Reality Headsets

The VR industry is taking off. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to travel anywhere in the world at any time of the day.

VR headsets are going to give your clients hours of fun. 



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