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Posted by Braden Baldwin on Jul 17, 2017 2:01:00 PM

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As of 2014, there were reported to be 118,245,702 business in the United States (www.census.gov). That total ranges from small business of 4 people, all the way up to large corporations of 500+ employees. Now here’s the problem… there is A LOT of competition for having and maintaining a competitive edge. The businesses who stand out among the rest are those with the most notable brand identity. But you are probably asking yourself “how do I create a stronger brand identity?”

Now, I am going to answer that for you right now, so hold onto your pants because here it comes… Over 750,000 custom solutions for YOU. Introducing EDGE Print & Promotional Products.

If you find yourself struggling to put your brand name on the map then you are in the right place. EDGE is set out to give you a low cost solution to promote your brand and its capabilities, improve customer retention and attract new customers.

Prominent brand identity is your key to a successful business and promotional products as a step in your sales process is the solution for you.

EDGE is on a mission. That mission is to help you develop your brand identity to reach its full potential. This is accomplished through staying true to YOUR goals, developing solutions determined by YOUR needs, and maintaining and expanding YOUR client relationships.

To find out how to promote and strengthen your brand identity, LEARN MORE about EDGE and how we can help, or contact us at marketing@prograde.com.



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