The Impossible Company eStore ... or is it?

Posted by Kierstin Payne on Aug 31, 2017 4:30:00 PM

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The Impossible Company eStore ... or is it?

Help! I need six company polos for the golf outing on Friday! … We have a trade show this weekend in Florida and I just realized all my shirts are long sleeve, please help! … We have a very important new prospect coming on Monday, make sure the entire staff has a branded shirt to wear. … Where’s the shirt I ordered? I put the sticky note on your desk 3 weeks ago!

AAHHHH! (go ahead and scream, we know you want to) But seriously, does this sound familiar? You get to work each day with your to do list organized and feeling confident it’s going to be a productive day. Somehow, that never seems to be the reality. One by one new requests come in and if you’re lucky they say “please”! In addition to all the requests, you also have to deal with previous request issues (including those that were entirely missed because it was lost in the chaos).

Everyday you fantasize about launching your very own online employee store! It would be like a private Amazon Prime, with all of the items your team desires, quick delivery options, and a dedicated customer service team to manage all of the chaos (not to mention detailed order history and stats to generate those reports your manager is always asking for)! If only there was a way!

Guess what, it’s not as impossible as you may think. Launching an employee store for ordering custom apparel is really quite easy. The right corporate apparel program will not only provide a secure user friendly eStore, it will also provide the following:

  • Sourcing services to help you find the perfect items to offer.
  • All forms of Decoration, including screen printing, embossing, debossing, embroidery, and maybe even some glitzy options. Everything you need to deliver quality branded apparel with personalization options.
  • In stock collections for 1-2 day delivery (without inventory overhead or heavy fees).
  • No order size requirements, order a single shirt or dress an entire department.
  • Order fulfillment and customer service (you shouldn't have to do anything!).
  • Ability to source completely custom apparel solutions (for those that want to go the extra mile).
  • Full reporting to analyze and plan.

What’s stopping you? Oh wait, we know the answer to that, you have to get your boss to say yes (but who has the time to prepare a presentation to sell him on the idea with all of these interruptions?). No worries, we have you covered! Get our white label slide deck and schedule that meeting with your boss ASAP. 

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