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How can a Corporate Apparel program strengthen your Corporate Culture?

Corporate culture is a buzzword you hear quite frequently, however it’s not typically something a company focuses on daily. We have to ask ourselves, why not? When you look at some of today's most successful companies, their corporate culture is not only incredibly strong, it is visible to those outside of the organization as well.

These powerful examples include Southwest Airlines, Google, & Facebook to name just a few. Within these organizations, their culture isn’t just something on a sign in their lobby or conference room, it’s something they truly believe in and it impacts every single decision they make as a company.

Take for example Zappos who, according to this Entrepreneur article on 10 examples of companies with fantastic cultures, conducts cultural fit interviews as part of their hiring process. These interviews carry half the weight in the decision process for new hires. They take their company culture very seriously because they believe that a happy team leads to happy customers. I couldn’t agree more!

What do you think of when you hear the words corporate or company culture? My mind automatically thinks of a strong and cohesive team made up of happy and driven employees that are proud of the company they work for. Since we typically associate the word team with a sports team, let’s take a look at one commonality among every single sports team? They all wear branded apparel! They do this to show pride in their team, to help identify and promote their team, as well as establishing a cohesive bond between the individuals on the team.

It’s a perfect comparison, a successful sports team achieves their success through strong teamwork, and their uniforms contribute to the strength of their team. The same holds true for workplace teams as well. Providing a uniform or branded apparel for your team has been proven to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Create Unity within the workplace
  • Remove any socio-economic inequalities
  • Promote a consistent appearance
  • Portray a professional image (without sacrificing comfort)
  • Encourage brand pride
  • Provide a reward, gift, or added benefit
  • Strengthen corporate image
  • Improve brand recognition

All of these elements also play a very important role in the development of a strong corporate culture. Stop putting your culture on the back burner or saving it for a rainy day, get focused today. Launching a company store apparel program is a simple way to take a big step in building your corporate culture. Download our slide deck to learn even more benefits.

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