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Batman - Robin. Superman - Lois Lane. All names of superheroes that provide story lines to a “secondary, less flashy hero”. So what does this have to do with Partnership marketing? Simple. Partnership is about helping one another. It’s about one lending a helping hand, for both to succeed. In the stories of the Batman, and Superman, there is always a “secondary hero.” We often see them as the ones that are able to make quick adjustments to the plan, lending their services, and showing their loyalty to make Batman or Robin the heros they are to us today.

A partnership with your marketing company, should look very similar. Let them do the quick adjustments and the lending of their services. If the partnership is done right, you’ll look like a hero to your customer, and the team will look like one to you.

Having a long standing relationship like Batman and Robin, or Superman and Lois Lane may not be ideal, but once you find it, it’s truly a lifesaver! So how do you find a company that will be your Robin or Lois Lane?

Ask yourself the following questions about your current marketing partner:

  1. Will they do just about anything without giving you a hard time?
  2. Do they look beyond the task at hand?
  3. Does dinner with your team feel like it’s strictly business all the time?
  4. Do you trust the company?
  5. Do you like their culture? Do they fit well with yours?

These may seem like odd questions, but getting personal and comfortable with your team is important to making a partnership work. Robin and Lois Lane were the “secondary heroes” that helped make Batman and Superman part of their hero status. It doesn’t have to be flashy because so much can happen in a partnership, so get prepared. Build your company up to be the true hero, while having your secondary team ready to assist!

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