Outsourcing a Marketing Team vs Hiring Internal Staff

Posted by Rachel Roberson on Mar 8, 2018 1:00:16 PM

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Owning your own business in today’s market, let alone marketing one is extremely tough. The ever-changing technology, the constant moving pieces and the social media marketing change so rapidly that you find yourself not being able to keep up. You hire a summer intern, and the occasional family member to help you out. But most of the time, it falls on your shoulders to make sure you’re “current” with the market and bringing in the new customers.

After all, you are only one person. Unfortunately as we all would like to be the one person show, we all need help once in a while. When thinking through the hiring process, this feeling can be daunting. Not knowing marketing yourself can often lead to hires not turning out as you had originally thought. What's your best solution ... outsourcing or hiring?

So let me help make this easy. Should you hire a Marketing Person or a Marketing Team?

If money doesn’t come straight to your mind as an owner or decision maker, let me help in putting this into perspective for you.

Hiring a team vs. one person can allow you to push the boundaries with competitors, drive sales, spend less money overall and still allow you to have a life after it’s all said and done.

Valid Points:

  1. Cheaper Expenses Overall - Hiring and training a staff member isn’t cheap. Finding one with multiple skill sets is nearly impossible. A Team with multiple people, with many skill sets can put you in a very nice position, while spending little of the funds.
  2. You’ll have a powerhouse set of resources - It’s endless things that a team can provide your company. One idea is great, but 3 are even better.
  3. Idea Generation - The skill set that a team can provide in generating ‘out of the box’ ideas can land you as the fastest growing company in your state.




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